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  • Interest Rates and Startup Valuations

    I recently read Matt Turck’s article, The great VC pullback of 2022. One sentence that particularly moved me was: “… venture capital is still a tiny part of the world economy. Macro changes like interest rate hikes move trillions of dollars, and we’re just a trickle in that overall flood.” My immediate knee-jerk reaction to […]

  • About me

    I am a Berlin based digital entrepreneur. This blogs helps me write down and formalize some of my thoughts. I am an expert on most topics digital and an amateur on most other topics I write about. I run Semicolon Berlin. We are an agency that builds digital products that work.

  • Does the facebook algorithm favor right wing content?

    I am a digital entrepreneur. I have been running digital campaigns since 2010. My first campaigns on facebook were in 2011. While much has changed, much has also stayed the same. I am also politically active. I am a convinced believer in pluralism and democracy. As such it is highly frustrating to me how most […]

  • My thoughts on low interest rates / monetary policy

    Hi guys, in order to straighten my thoughts on monetary policy and when interest rates could rise, I have tried to write down my current mental model. I am obviously no economist. Any feedback would be highly appreciated. Fundamental hypothesis My fundamental hypothesis is that interest rates have not been so low, because they need […]